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Digital Marketing:

We provides an idea of an integrated marketing plan to improve online presence, redesign current campaign and launch new campaigns, launch multi channel album promotion, improve event promotion effectiveness, and create partnership with brands and other artists, by using new and advanced techniques to have the best practice on your site and social media to track traffic and understand your visitors.


Graphical Report on Marketing Analytics:

Visual reporting and analysis on: artist performance, ticketing insights, social media performance, adverting, by measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Graphical representations of data communicate patterns, trends, and outliers far more quickly than tables of numbers and text. With visualization, we can help businesses spot issues and problems needing attention at a glance and take appropriate action. In text-based reports and spreadsheets, the trends and issues remain hidden among dizzying arrays of numbers and text.


Talent Booking:

International DJ bookings for clubs and festivals.



We bring you new and innovative ideas whether you have an existing business or starting something new, by using deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights.

Music and entertainment companies are finding content creation, aggregation, and distribution—their fundamental ecosystem—ever-evolving and morphing as new technologies come into play that disrupt traditional business models. From live entertainment, social media, and advertising, music businesses live or die based on how well they identify and manage trends. We help businesses adapt to new challenges and evaluate new business opportunities.



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