JYL Entertainment provides 360 degree entertainment management service with new technologies and current social media channels, including event planning, booking, digital marketing, public relations, financial planning, artist development, and sponsorship.



“Music is what I am, everything else is what I do.”

Jiayi Liao

Founder, JYL Entertainment:

Jiayi Liao has 10 years of in-depth international experience in the dance music industry from journalism, event production, to marketing. After being an influential music journalist in China and got 400,000 views a year on her articles, Jiayi founded JYL Entertainment in 2006, successfully brought more than 50 artists to 5 major cities in China and the United States. JYL Entertainment has provided event production and marketing services by using integrated marketing strategy to connect venues and artists with fans. After moving to San Francisco, Jiayi continued producing events in California and China, executing online marketing campaigns on web, social media, and E-mail to drive engagement and audience and ticket sales within multiple marketing channels. Before graduating from SFSU, Jiayi joined Spundae and managed online promotion for weekly events and festivals. Since 2013, Jiayi has been working at Insomniac Events’ festivals across the United States and Mexico that attracted more than 1,000,000 attendees. Jiayi holds an MBA from San Francisco State University along with a Master in International Business from University of Nice, France.


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